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Who are we?

Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS) was created by a group of medical students and dermatology faculty from both St. Louis University and Washington University Medical Schools under the leadership of Stephanie Lickerman, RN, Community Education Director for the Melanoma Hope Network. This program, established through a collaborative effort between the two medical institutions, a community non-profit organization (the Melanoma Hope Network), and the Rockwood School District, represents the first educational program of its kind that focuses on teenage skin cancer prevention taught by medical professionals in training. SPOTS is an award-winning program, receiving two Golden Triangle Awards from the American Academy of Dermatology in 2009.

This comprehensive program aims to teach adolescent students early detection and prevention measures in an effort to decrease the rising rate of skin cancer, to gain information as to what sun protective measures the students currently use, to discover teenage attitudes and behaviors towards sun protection and to delineate effective teaching methods for medical professionals to use in their effort to change poor sun protection behaviors.

Program Goals

Interested in starting SPOTS at your school?

The entire SPOTS program was designed to be run independently at medical and nursing schools across the country. The teaching manual is available as a pdf along with games and extra material to help the student-teachers prepare for their classroom experience.


St. Louis University, Washington University, and the Melanoma Hope Network and grant you permission to use and reproduce the SPOTS program materials exactly as they appear in the PDF or other downloads on this website without modification or editing of any kind solely for education or research (the “Purpose”). For the avoidance of doubt, the Purpose does not include the (i) sale, distribution or transfer of the SPOTS program or copies thereof for any consideration or commercial value; (ii) the creation of derivative works, including translations; and/or (iii) use of the SPOTS program as a marketing tool for the sale of any product or service. All copies of the SPOTS program shall include the following notice: “Reprinted with permission. Copyright 2008. The SPOTS program is a copyrighted work of the Melanoma Hope Network, St. Louis University, and Washington University. All Rights Reserved.” To obtain permission to modify or use the SPOTS program for any other purpose, please contact either Stephanie Lickerman,, 636-458-4165; Lynn Cornelius,, 314-362-8187; or Scott Fosko,, 314-256-3420. BY USING THE SPOTS PROGRAM, YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS OF USE AND THAT THE SPOTS PROGRAM IS AN EDUCATIONAL TOOL AND NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR CLINICAL JUDGMENT, AND THAT ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY, WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY, AND THE MELANOMA HOPE NETWORK BEAR NO RESPONSIBLITY TO YOU OR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR USE OF THE SPOTS PROGRAM.