SPOTS: Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students

SPOTS Publications

SPOTS Publications

The SPOTS program is designed not only to teach teens about skin cancer and sun protection, but also to collect data on the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of those teens related to sun protection before and after taking the course. Here are a list of publications that have been based on data collected from SPOTS.




None to date


SPOTS Working Group 2007:

Program Developer/Director
Stephanie Lickerman RN

Student Program Co-Developers
Jason Brant MS3, Caroline Arthur MS4, Sofia Chaudhry MS4, Sonya Jagwani MS4

Faculty Program Co-Developers
Summer Youker MD, Susan Journagan MD, Erica Rogers MD

Faculty Advisors and Sponsors
Lynn Cornelius MD,
Scott W. Fosko MD

Initial Publications
Frank E. Johnson MD

Survey Development and Revisions
Donna Jeffe PhD,
Kim Trinkaus PhD, Katherine Virgo PhD, Nancy Weaver PhD

SLU Student Teachers:
Adrian Alexander MS3, Fatima Ali MS2, Daniel Broadbent MS3, Kelly Buehler MS2, Melinda Chu MS3, Joel Crockett MS3, Taylor Greenwood MS2, Donna Hamacher MS3, Renee Hickey MS2, Nicholas Johnson MS2, Paula Klump MPH, Nick Kuntz MS2, Duy Le MS2, Rebecca Lee MS2, Katie Leonard MS2, Theresa Lorkowski MS3, Jim Macdonald MS3, Kim Miller MS3, DeAnna Mills MS3, Peter Morris MS2, Andrew Moses MS2, Nicolin Neal MS2, Chad Nelson MS2

Washington University Student Teachers:
Jacquie Anderson MS2, Brundha Balaraman MS2, Seth Bartel MS2, Lauren Biesbroeck MS2, Joshua Buck MS2, Brad Carra MS2, Sara Champlin MS3, Lauren Chang MS3, Jessica McAlister MS2, Jen Murphy MS2, Jamie Votava MS2, Vicky Wang MS2

Rockwood School District: Serena Crisp,
Kathy Peckron PhD, Ginny Schenck, Mark Sissom, Linda Souder